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Joe Bonamassa

Woke Up Dreaming

Shake your bonez and dance damnit!



President Trump

South Carolina

Whatever you believe, listen to this.



Be the hero everyone wants you to be.




In case there was any question in your minds:




It was all my fault Louisa.

Try to forgive me.

Pink Floyd "Sorrow":



Happy New Years!

Here's a treat. We knew these things years ago.



Banned Again?

If The Gateway Pundit wants to be credible they need to correct this:




Happy New Years! (early)

Be safe as you raise a little hell and here's a treat to entertain you:



Merry Christmas everyone!

May you find love and joy in your day.

It's been a difficult year and the next one doesn't look like it'll be any better.

Keep your loved ones close and make sure your emergency plans are in place.

About that bar rail.......hehehehehe



Network problems boyz n girlz.

Bane of webmasters everywhere.

Email has been slow as well as the site loading like molasses.

Thanks for your patience, the site will return to normal soon I'm told. Hahahaha We'll see.



As always it's something hehehe.
The curse of the never ending bar rail has struck again.

I am doomed to tend to a bar rail I installed in 1996 at Sure Shots apparently forever.
It's ok, it's for a buddy, so work on the CMS is going to be tough until I get the bar rail squared away.

Here's a picture:




Finishing up work on the landing pages and I have created a new page to highlight my digital artwork.

These simple landing pages serve several purposes that dont need inclusion in the XOOPS install.



Here's further proof of censorship from people you want to trust:


There's no explanation.



Congratulations to a couple of very smart folks who I heard today
are expecting a baby!
I highly encourage smart folks to breed there are far too many stupid people.

It's looking like the XOOPS Boot Strap theme will be back after some further adjustments.
Thanks for your patience.

Local Ad Only Website

You'll notice I no longer have external advertisements of any kind displayed here at Infernal Logic. That's due in part to a lack of https friendly ad streams, but on the whole, since Google screwed everyone back in 2011 they weren't generating income anyway.

Any advertisements seen here will be hosted locally, and be "static" rather than flash based etc.


Thanks to Cut All The Shit For consistant hosting.

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