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A great injustice has been perpetrated on our country and it will not stand.



Local Ad Only Website

You'll notice I no longer have external advertisements of any kind displayed here at Infernal Logic. That's due in part to a lack of https friendly ad streams, but on the whole, since Google screwed everyone back in 2011 they weren't generating income anyway.

Any advertisements seen here will be hosted locally, and be "static" rather than flash based etc.
Hemp advocacy groups are welcome to submit graphic posters for the cause. They will be displayed at no cost.

Settling in w/new hosting!

Thanks to Cut All The Shit Hosting we have a new home.
File areas are on a fast SSD and at present we are the sole occupants on a snappy lil dual quad core!.
If there are problems hit me via the contact link, or mail at webmaster/help/abuse this website.